Become A Popup Vendor

Dream Hall

Become A Popup Vendor

Popup events are inspired by retail, cuisine, and artistic genius. Here are a few of the popups types we can host.

Popup Types

Dream Hall was designed to serve as an entrepreneurial platform. Entrepreneurs near and far now have an opportunity to introduce and showcase their services within a community that has the infrastructure, support, traffic, and ability to help them grow.


Painting Classes - Music Classes - Musical Events - Galleries - Comedy Shows - Poetry Slam - Trivia


Fast Casual - Dinner Service - Breakfast & Lunch Service - Savory Cooking Classes - Baking Classes - Wine Pairings


Clothing Store - Resale Shop - Product Introductions - Jewelry Shops - And List Will Go On!


There are different benefits to popups such as marketing, testing products, locations, or markets, and as a low cost way to start a business. Some popup shops are seasonal, allowing brands to capture foot traffic without committing to a long term lease. Other brands use popups to create customer engagement or introduce new products and services to an existing customer base.

Why Dream Hall?

Dream Hall supports your popup with as little or as much support that you need. We pay the
taxes, provide staffing as needed, sell and promote the event, and walk you through every step
in order to ensure that your popup is set up for success.

Lets Popup

Connect With Us

If you are looking for a space to introduce your products and services please give us a call at (866) 376-7409. We would love to work with you!