Dream Hall at 51 has come to an amicable agreement with Tyrrell Tomlin of Elgin Area Table LLC and the Elgin Area Tap Room, all suits filled by Dream Hall at 51 have been dropped as part of the agreement.

“The out of court settlement has resolved all of our business differences and we no longer hold any business claims over each other,” said Echevarria. The Elgin Area Tap, operated by Tomlin since May, will vacate the building at 51 S. Grove Ave. as of Dec. 2.

Echevarria is now prepared to move forward with the final Food Hall stages and the overall concept for Dream Hall, he said.

Exterior signage for the Food Hall is set to be delivered in the second week of December, with the first, week-long popup event set for 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Dec. 4-11, said food partner Jeff Turner of Dream Foods.

That event will include Mediterranean, Mexican and Puerto Rican cuisines.

One of those popup vendors will include Cafe Revive, which opened this summer on the mezzanine level of Dream Hall. Cafe Revive will also move into the space vacated by the Tap Room in early December.

As the beer taps built into the Food Hall serve the entire building, the mezzanine level will become the new “Taproom” and available for private events as well, Echevarria said. Those taps also service Legit Dogs and Ice on the lower level and Cafe Revive on the first floor.

Echevarria has requested a future hearing with the Elgin Liquor Commission to approve the new liquor license. Alcohol sales are not expected to exceed 50 percent of gross revenue. Echevarria explained that new bar operations are to serve as a complement to the food service operations and events within the building. “The City Of Elgin has been an amazing business-friendly partner during the process and we look forward to working with them on the updated plans,”   Echevarria said.

“The new license for the Dream Hall Taproom will allow for a complete focus on serving craft beer & drinks, and the curating of food-based pairing events like whiskey tastings, a wine room, and — all of those things that were initially planned for the space, to serve as a true craft drink and foodie experience,” he said.

The fully-operational Dream Hall — Fresh Baked Savory — is set to open in early-to-mid January.

“Fresh Baked Savory is the rotation of food vendors on the main floor. Interior digital menus for that area will be installed in the next 10 days,” Turner said.

The existing anchors — Cafe Revive and Legit Dogs and Ice, will maintain their current hour of operations. The yet-unnamed Dream Hall Taproom — will be closed on Mondays, and open for business Tuesday – Thursday: 2p – 10p, Friday & Saturday: 12p – 12a and Sunday: 12p – 8p.

“Customers can expect to see expanded menus from our anchors and also a rotation of food vendors, from one to two months at a time. We want to give a special Thank You to our anchor tenants Legit Dogs and Cafe Revive. Our decision to hold back on fully rolling out Dream Hall certainly caused some issues and confusion within the property. I’m glad to see that although we were tested, our personal and business relationships emerged strengthed through this process.” Echevarria said.

We wish Tyrrell Tomlin the best, in his next business endeavors.  Echevarria said.


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