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We strive to have a competitive and diverse selection of products. Join the amazing Dream HALL vendors circle and let us help bring your creations to the world.


About Dream HALL

We thought it would be fun to create a pop-up venue, food hall and test kitchen space where literally anything can happen. A place where new concepts can be tested while visiting chefs, restaurants and local organizations can host events to raise awareness in a place they feel at home. Dream Hall is where community and entrepreneurs can break bread.

Who is "We"? Dream Hall is owned and operated by Dream HUB. Dream HUB is an incubator ecosystem designed to support the startup and growth of businesses. Dream Hall is a retail incubator designed to assist  Dream HUB members to showcase and sell the products and services they offer.

Who are Dream HUB Members? Dream HUB operates various incubators across the Fox Valley. Companies and individuals that use these services are Dream HUB members.

Success Tracks

Whether you are completely new to business or have an established business, we at the Dream HUB strive to help all of our members grow. We have cultivated a program termed "Success Tracks" that allows your products to be sold, displayed, and showcased at the Dream Hall. Here is a quick summary of the Success Tracks offered:


Exclusive to Dream Kitchen Baking and Confectionery members. BAKED is a Co Op retail store that showcases the best that Dream Kitchen community of producers has to offer.


Dream Hall has anchor operations that include a Taproom and 2 anchor restaurants. SAVORY is a POP UP fast casual serving counter where you can display and sell your savory foods on rotating bases while contributing to the fabric and lure of the anchor operations. POP UP for a day, week, or create a custom schedule with our team.


Exclusively for Dream Distributors growers. FRESH will serve Dream Hall guest to fresh salads curated with locally grown ingredients. A true farm to table experience.

Pop UP's

Host your very own POP UP or join us for a Dream Hall curated and ticketed event. These collaborative curated events are meant to treat our local community to cooking classes, plated dinners, networking nights and more. All while featuring the very products you make and serve.

About This Application

This application is exclusively for Success Tracks at Dream Hall. These tracks are a competitive outlet in which clients must apply and maintain standards and practices.

This application is to help you to understand the requirements and provides the Member Success Team with details about your products and services. Once accepted, there will be criteria that must be met in order to maintain status within the various tracks.


Once the application is received, we will contact you to follow up with further questions or to let you know if your products will be accepted or not. If not accepted, you’ll be provided with information on how to re-apply. We accept applications from anyone interested in collaborating within the Dream Hall. Active Dream HUB members from Dream Kitchen & Dream Distribution are given priority.

If your membership is discontinued for any reason with either of these outlets, it voids your relationship with the retail and distribution success tracks, which allows us to accept new applications, depending on the product being replaced.

If your application is accepted, you will be asked to sign a success track member agreement, which will include: product payment terms, the schedule for product delivery, product details, marketing requirements and demo schedules.


We strive to have a competitive and diverse selection of products. Are you known for something in particular? Do you have a special niche, dietary business, etc.? Do you utilize local ingredients?

We will select the best products for certain categories, such as breads, cakes, cookies, savory items, dietary items (gluten free, vegan, sugar free, etc.), and so on. Items will be rotated at our discretion based on the market needs within the various success tracks.

Additional requirements may be needed for: Produce, Eggs, Dairy, Meat, Cheese, Seafoods, Personal Care, Non-food Products, Shelf stable grocery items (Jams & Jellies).

Rules and Regulation

Delivery Schedule: All products must be delivered during a scheduled time. No products may be delivered during co-op business hours.

Special/Catering Orders: Dream HALL will carry special and catering order menu for all co-op members. These sales are part of the agreement and payment for such orders will be made directly to the co-op. If it is a large order that requires a custom quote, we will send to the lead over to you and a fee will be assessed for assisting in the sale.

Co-op rates and commissions: Co-op rates and commissions will be a percentage of sales that are performed within the co-op. Details will be discussed in part of the agreement once accepted.

Communication: We require communication as part of your agreement. If you will be out of town or know of a time you will not be able to fulfill in advance, advise us of the time in advance. If there is an emergency, let us know. If there is no communication, you are at risk of losing your product(s) slot.

Marketing materials: You must have marketing materials available. Business cards, flyers, menus, etc. We have access to such materials via Dream Brand.

Ingredient List and Pricing: Ingredient lists for all products in the co-op MUST be included. List all potential allergies. Pricing is set by each business.

Social Media: A social media presence is required to be a part of the co-op. Partnered with Dream Hub social media, this gives the ability to expand the reach and social media presence beyond a small group.

What's Required with your application?

● Proof of license to practice business in Illinois
● Wholesale permit or Proof of Application
● Proof of certification if labels need FDA or USDA labeling requirements
● Proof of liability insurance ( will be audited to maintain status)
● Ability to provide products on a consistent and timely manner
● Ability to conduct onsite demos, trade shows and promotions
● Ability to provide tastings or product for sampling purposes
● Ability to create and maintain social media status and accounts
● Ability to provide samples

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